Employment Opportunity | Crew Leaders

Job Description

  • Job Title: Crew Leaders
  • Job Summary: Please refer to items outlined below: Duties & Requirements
  • Salary Range & Benefits: $14-18, vacation, 401k, holiday pay, health and dental insurance
  • Hours Required: 40+


  • Drive to site. Must have proper identification such as SS Card, Driver's License, Passport, or another form of ID with photo and proper documentation
  • Complete morning truck “check list”
  • Complete storage “check list”
  • Follow schedule unless instructed to do otherwise
  • Look for “up sales” throughout the work day
  • Grease machine at days end
  • Check lug nuts on trailer; Perform safety walk through
  • Assign tasks to crew members and ensure appropriate industry standards are kept
  • Scan field notebook/schedule and email to office staff at the end of the day
  • Maintain material supply – if it is inadequate, perform necessary purchases


  • Required readings and discussions as directed by management
  • Maintain safety standards for one's self as well as crew members
  • Maintain accurate daily “field notes”
  • Proper “work” attire must be worn at all times – as described by management
  • Proper “safety” attire must be worn at all times – as described by management
  • Maintain compliance with rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to work being performed
  • Maintain the highest levels of professionalism and customer service
  • Perform other requirements as assigned by management