Employment Opportunity | Crew Members

Job Description

  • Job Title: Crew Members
  • Job Summary: Performs general labor pertaining to erosion control measures, including, but not limited to the requirements and duties as outlined below
  • Salary Range & Benefits: $11-14 HR, 401 k, Health and Dental Insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay
  • Hours Required: 40+


  • Shoveling – Ditches and trenches for erosion control measures.
  • Removing debris – subject to crew leader and/or foreman.
  • Follow proper safety standards and procedures.
  • Other duties as assigned by crew leader and/or foreman.
  • Required readings and follow up discussions.


  • Must have proper identification such as SS Card, Driver's License, Passport, or another form of ID with photo and proper documentation
  • Arrive to designated meeting location 10 minutes prior to start time.
  • Must wear company work shirts that represents P and TL company logo.
  • Hard hat MUST be worn at all times while in designated area's given by foreman.
  • Wear construction work boots at all times; Steel-Toe not required.
  • Maintain personal hygiene daily.
  • Smokers must address site foreman to schedule a break.
  • Must be able to withstand outside elements year round.
  • Bring proper lunch and water/drinks to maintain proper hydration.
  • Bring proper skin protection to withstand current day's elements.